Swod - Sekunden

Swod - SekundenThe tendency that appeared from the ruins of "Electronica" emerges here very clearly: it's the comeback of acoustic instruments, especially piano during the last few months. Nowadays even a certain generation of young musicians is formed, they use electronics together with acoustic constructions, their own program circuits mixed with perfect art of playing the traditional instruments. Swod is of no doubt one of  the founders of this new, almost neoclassic approach to music and the album Gehen is just the confirmation for this fact.
Long time has passed since the release of debut record. Suddenly Oliver Doerell and Stephan Wohrmann proposed their audience their new work Sekunden (from German - second). Perhaps some of listeners felt some transiency in this deceptively cold cinematic melancholy. This record contains more intelligent, reasonable minimalism as concerns drums as well as bass, guitar and electronic component. It sounds as if electronic detects the slightest changes in mood of acoustic instruments, it's wonderful, like wind helping the kite hover high in the sky. Thoughtful grooves, twisting electronic warblings, mysterious buzz and chirp of crickets, curly white noise like falling evening snow in combination with strict, sharp piano pieces are just admirable.
Compositions "Ja" ('Yes') and "Belgien" ('Belgium') with unusual wordcuts and cues from old forgotten films form one of the most perceptional parts of the duo's work.
If we could associate this album with one of the seasons it will be undoubtfully winter. Despite the apparent cold and dullness Sekunden is dreamy affectionate memories in cozy loneliness.

- Swod
- City Centre Offices


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