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Otto Von Schirach - Spine Serpents From Sperm Island

Otto Von Schirach - Spine Serpents From Sperm IslandPerhaps a great part of the creative works of the American musician Otto Von Schirach can be characterized as 'porno music'. Shocking experiments, extravagance and true psychosis have become the main principles of this musician not only in music, but also while his performances alive. Due to such behavior Otto is considered to be the most extraordinary, odd person among all contemporary musicians. His new work Spine Serpents of Sperm Island is the best confirmation of this fact. Looking at the album's cover any sensible person will decide that he'll never listen to such a disc, though we push the 'play' button and deepen into this terrifying and funny world of Otto.

This guy's creativity is often characterized as 'breakcore'. Perhaps, it's so, nevertheless, besides breakcore, this album includes the mixture of everything that can be mixed. Each element of the sound composition tries to shout down all other sounds, total noise though obeying to some incomprehensible rnd-algorithm. This music sounds so cheerfully and funny that it's impossible to stop listening to such soundmix, it's devilishly interesting, what's gonna happen further. Imagine that you've gone out and see dogs and cows flying, a yardman hoofing braindance, the sky is green, and trees with red pears are growing 'head over the roots'. And the whole picture is not static, it's making constant noise moving quickly without a pause. Have you imagined that? Now add some porno scenes to this romantic picture - well, you have the associative variant of Spine Serpents of Sperm Island.
Almost the whole album is accompanied by distorted speech samples, even some original fragments of pop songs. Syncopated rhythms with complicated picture consist of tiny elements which sometimes transform into pure hardcore - quick, straight and energetic. In general, everything happening in this music is totally subordinate to common rhythm, almost each track is a part of the main rhythm section. It forms the rich, funny, many-colored sound wall falling over the listener.
Well, in conclusion we may say that this disc is noisy, energetic, terrible and amusing at the same time. Though you constantly have a feeling that Von Schirach has finally went off his rocker.

- Otto Von Schirach


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