Signal - Robotron

Signal - RobotronSignal is the joint project of three musicians: Olaf Bender, Frank Bretschneider and Carsten Nicolai - leaders and coordinators of raster-noton (one of the leading labels working with minimal experimental music). Before Robotron this project released only one work Centrum in 2000. Though since that time this project actively worked as a live team during label tours. After 7 years album Robotron was released - it became the compilation of project members' works of 2001-2006.
Listening to this album, you understand that the word "robotron" and the record's title itself is the best definition for such music. 120 BPM and the endless stream of data changing its picture in each track. It's hard to believe that this album is the compilation of works of different authors - the whole disc sounds wholly like a long set. It sounds coldly and steadily. In the course of time sounds settle on each other in such a way that we have a feeling of listening to live performance. Musicians on the scene turn on and deafen different soundtracks mixing several layers into one.
Common sounding is characteristic of the label, its main peculiarity of the robotized straightness mechanizing music and creating the feeling that the sound stream is ruled by the programmed robot. Especially interesting are the tracks "Robotron" and "Wismut" led by drums line monotonously, like a metronome.
Ambiguous release which, of no doubt, suited the project fans' taste.

- raster-noton


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