Kashiwa Daisuke - Program Music I

Kashiwa Daisuke - Program Music IVisiting Europe, like it or not, we feel certain affection for our native culture. Very often it's difficult for us to understand all that's happening on the scenes of such distinctive countries as Japan. In general, Japanese creativity is very often beyond the understanding of European people. I think that very often this factor creates certain psychological barrier between European and Japanese cultures, particularly music. But each time you listen to the works of Japanese musicians, you are astonished by their talent and originality.
Kashiwa Daisuke was born in Hiroshima. His passion for music appeared already at school, he played guitar in a rock group - that was the starting point for perfecting his skills and forming his unique musical style. Having started his solo career in 2004, Kashiwa took part in the tour that supported the compilation of the German experimental label onpa))))). This very label released Kashiwa's first album April.#02.
Well, after a year Kashiwa Daisuke presents us his new work under the title Program Music I consisting of two long tracks: "Stella" and "Write Once, Run Melos". The basis for the album became two anime-films. The author retells them with the help of his music depicting all emotions with the help of bright musical pictures.

The first album's part is called "Stella", it's based on the plot of film "Night on the Milky Way Railroad" - lyric, melodious and often experimental post-rock with slow modulations of various instrumental passages. We hear string instruments, drums as well as keyboards bursting with their secret energy turn by turn. It feels as if we are in a train, moving through fantastically beautiful landscapes, sometimes we stop to listen attentively to each rustle round us, sometimes our train moves so fast that it's hard to take a good look at the objects whizzing over the window. Rich instrumental music is slightly seasoned with experimental electronic effects. It creates the unique charm of Japan, the country of developed technologies, where microelectronic music has become rather popular among wide groups of listeners. Though such music is rather difficult and complicated for an ordinary European listener.
"Write Once, Run Melos" is the more experimental part of the album, though rather melodious. In general, this part proceeded the conception of "Stella" but made it more electronic. Leading instrument here is piano, its sounds lead us through the most pleasant, quiet musical moments pleasing our ears. Such melodious parts are changed by the energetic rhythmic and drive moments with airy, sheer, melodic vortexes.
Very good album by the Japanese author, of no doubt, it has great future. A 'must have' album for each music fan, this album presents something more than just simple sound.

- Kashiwa Daisuke
- Noble records


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