Heribert Friedl - Trac(k)_t

Heribert Friedl - Trac(k)_tNowadays, in the time of developed technologies, each creator has a wide range of ways for self-expression. Many creative artists prefer to influence several sense organs at the same time - audio-video installations with the usage of noise, light effects and even odours.
One of such artists-experimentators is Austrian Heribert Friedl. While studying sculpture in Vienna he made experiments with mixturing of smells and sound, took part in numerous European and American exhibitions. But unfortunately we can't feel the smell on CD, so the concept works of this artist have something special, new sytem to influence the listener only through his hearing.

Trac(k)_t is the last work of Friedl in the series of releases with the original musical material - dulcimer (musical instrument of solid size - a box with strings inside it, musicians bang at them with the help of special hammers). This series includes earlier released Ataraxia (Trente Oiseaux), Bradycard, Trans~ and Back Forward (Non Visual Objects) - Heribert being its co-owner.
Naturally, using of this instrument by the original artist hardly has anything common with its traditional sounding. Trac(k)_t is the experimental mixture of the inventive sound-production and digital arrangement of the received material. Undoubtedly, such sound will pleasantly surprise any connoisseur of the original audio-installations. Noise filament interlace creating utterly minimal and abstract picture. The central element of all the compositions is a great number of sound splashes due to the professional running over the strings. Because of the creative signal arrangement each time this music sounds differently. This album is full of the original atmosphere of the avant-garde minimalism, pleasant and interesting for listening.


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