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Off The Sky - The Geist Cycles

Off The Sky - The Geist CyclesJason Corder is the leader and ideologist of the project Off The Sky whose creative work embodies the perfect mixture of experimental conceptions and emotional component of music. As a rule, musical gourmets consider this element the most important one and don't accept the statement that sound itself is also music. The Geist Cycles the last release in the project's discography is the perfect confirmation of such point of view.

Beautiful light album's cover creates certain mood before listening - the original mixture of nature (a tree with a bird sitting on it) and endless uncertainty of the experimenal minimal electronics (only contours of the tree are left and the poor animal is colored red).
Despite the basis of the whole composition, The Geist Cycles (percussion sounds and atmosphere noise), this music doesn't overload its listeners by the unmanageable mass of experimental sound. On the contrary, melodiousness and lightness perfectly get along with complicated percussion mosaics of the 'improvised' sounds, finally we get some kind of a colorful puzzle with a great number of tiny details. This album has its own special atmosphere,even in the most active drum parties the sound slowly flows and modulates changing its colors, turning them into the hissing, pressing silence or impulsive sparking sound perfomance.

Well, in general, nothing new - atmosphere, gloomy field-recording, complicated percussion constructions, glitch rustlings and slow modulations of the backings. Of course, we've already heard such sound including the works of Autoplate net-label, nevertheless I'm sure these compositions will pleasantly excite you and leave positive emotions after listening.

- Off The Sky
- Databloem


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