Worrytrain - Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom

Worrytrain - Fog Dance, My Moth KingdomOur time of great ideas and possibilities classical music gradually returns to its lovers. Joining together the basic ideas of classical music and modern synthesizing opportunities, musicians get to the wide field of action for self-expression and creativity. Unfortunately, those days classics didn't have such possibilities and were measured by the frame of seven notes.
Album of Joshua Neil Geissler (aka Worrytrain) Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom is a gloomy, misty, thoughtful and emotional at the same time story or rather the image of the blind apocalyptical fear of human hostility, wars and other global problems. Perhaps the war was the key source for the album's moods, this can be judged from the tracks' titles.
Instrumental parties of piano and keyboards are rocking on the waves of melancholical melodies and general prostration. They can gradually get involved with the harmonious noise effects or turn into the sharp noise attack like in "Thundertrance Interlude" or "Saturniidae". In general it reminds well-made soundtracks for some sad emotional war film, all compositions telling about different events of one and the same war time.
Sometimes depressive and sorrowful, sometimes harsh and strengthful but finally extremely emotional, lively experimental post classics touching every listener.

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