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Gaston Arevalo - Ultramar

Gaston Arevalo - UltramarListening to the last releases of Thinner I had an impression that these days are not the best creative period for the label. Music is not so touching already, it got boring and ordinary, maybe we just got used to the label's typical music and don't get anything new, unexpected and surprising. Musicians don't give us a gulp of fresh air.
Uruguayan designer and musician Gaston Arevalo releases his music on different net-labels from all over the world. Ultamar is his last for the moment work released by Thinner. This label was announced to be the best net-label of 2007 by the German edition DE:BUG.

In Ultamar we listen to the deep, warm, 'house' sound characteristic of the label's music. The musician says that a great role was played by the inspiration received from the visual images of the surrounding world. The musician expresses his feelings with the help of sound textures and noise rhythmic sections lightly penetrating through the air, wiggling and modulating.
Slow ambient sounds are dissected either by the complicated rustling of noise textures (ultramar, cinema) or by the soft percussion film slightly spreading the sound in space. Deep and not boring bass-drum makes the way for the whole audio picture, slow and monotonous movements...
Nice, well-sounding music of the Latin American artist doesn't belong to the 'must have' type of music, but no unpleasant feelings left after listening.

- Thinner
- Gaston Arevalo


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