Antonelli -The Blackout Quintet

Antonelli -The Blackout QuintetThe new album of Stefan Shwander The Blackout Quintet released on the label Italic in 2005.
His music is shadowy, deep and minimalist. In Stefan's world silence reigns, you get to certain surrealistic odd suburban town covered by night.
Music of Antonelli is so independant and free that it's able to make the listeners subdelirious and see one or even two ghosts. Darkness drags you to the middle of the town. Pitch darkness around you, only gloomy light on the fourth floor of an old black ramshackle building lightens particles of dark emptiness and cold fog.
From there comes odd music lightened by the breath of an old lamp disappearing throughout the night. Obscure rustles come nearer, they are odd sounds of strange things flying nearby. You are pulled into this madness.
The whole album is sustained in the style of the beloved composer of David Lynch - Angelo Badalamentr. After listening to this album you may have a feeling that you've just watched a new film by Lynch and each time this will be the new, unique one.

- Italic


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