Taylor Deupree + Christopher Willits - Listening Garden

Taylor Deupree + Christopher Willits - Listening GardenNext conceptual work of Line label, having in its headline more than just an ordinary released СD.
Listening Garden is a rather impressive experiment of Taylor Dupree & Christopher Willits. This event took place in Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (Japan). Audio installations were in the "tea-spots", where people had some reading in calm atmosphere: some chats, drowning in thoughts, musicians had the mission to increase fillings of these people, their perceptions of the surrounding atmosphere.

This CD is made of recording fragments made directly inside and outside the installation place. Just after pressing the 'play'-button drawling and warm ambient simply flows out from the audio system, making one piece with the room space. Random guitar strings' nips are buzzing on the ambient air electronic background. Sometimes human-indicating sounds like voices or treads can be heard. All the time you listen to the album you want to analyze the surrounding place and things, their structures, colors and smells. Rather surprising is that such simple sounds (taking into account their competent mix and presentation) could find such ways of simple things' perception. Reality becomes much more detailed and three-dimensional, all the surrounding things gain "secret sense", a picture on the wall or a chair can deeply affect you and change your thoughts' direction.

Undoubtedly, that's not enough just to listen to the recordings' sounds to feel the whole spectrum of feelings and emotions the team supposed to give us. You should be there, see and hear the things happening around. Nevertheless all the material under the Listening Garden's cover can be considered a self-sufficient composition worthy your listening.

- Line

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