Autistici - Volume Objects

Autistici - Volume ObjectsVolume Objects - the last release of 12k label the inspirer and idea man of which is the well-known American audiodesigner Taylor Deupree who doesn't hide his favour for experiments and ambient.
The author of this CD is audio artist Autistici whose works could be earlier downloaded on various net lables. He was also engaged in compilation of 12k's projects - Blueprints with two items Attaching Softness To A Shell, the third part of which (without sounding changes in whole) can be heard in Volume Objects.

The album includes 9 tracks united both in sounding and mood. This music is like the ensemble of  sounding objects in a silent room. It's like as if your carpet, luster, clocks and a pen lying on the table started moving and sounding quiet, modestly. Listening to tracks one by one you observe different sets of these objects, harken to various parts of space. For creating the sound picture the artist uses various effects - sometimes we can hear glitch rustling or noises of different colourings. I doubt that each composition's structure was laboriously adjusted by the author, all this is more like improvisation. The method of structuring here is not so important as the filling itself, the objects making up the whole picture of the album.

In general the album is rather interesting just like everything released with such labels as 12k. The dimension of compositions, framing the whole space of sounding placement, is represented very well. While listening I didn't have a feeling that something's wrong. But the content of substence hiding behind minimalist sound experiments is a little bit shallow.

- 12k
- Autistici

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