The Boats - Our Small Ideas

The Boats - Our Small IdeasFor team The Boats the beginning of 2088 was marked by creation of their own label Our Small Ideas on which guys are planning to release their works and other projects with similar sounding and concept. Their first release was the album with the same title, 200 copies already sold.

In this album The Boats keep being close to the shore of previous projects - warmth and minimalism,  restrained melody and romance... Their music reminds of having a rest in a house at a lake, close to fireplace in house slippers. We listen to it taking a sip of red wine from an old simple glass, muffle up with fluffy plaid. This music doesn't make us sad, it doesn't cause depression or melancholy, at most light nostalgia for something pleasant and warm from the past.
The noise here isn't an unnecessary artifact in sound, those monotonous hissing and clicks, sometimes ordered into a rhythmical section, they make the music artificially naive and cover it with 'sound rust'. Runnings over the strings of acoustic guitar are especially pleasant and warm. Basic sounding of the album is well associated with the album's cover depicting a fragment of a wall with peeling plaster and several layers of paint.


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