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+++++++++ - 1208Is there anything that can't be found in the Internet? These media spaces spread media-content through the whole planet's surface. And such situation is rather awful and unconvenient for sound-recording companies, because well-developed mass media means enormous losses for such teams. On the other hand, network is the excellent means of promotion and popularization of young musicians' creative work.
Such very thoughts I have on my mind when I'm downloading  interesting works of some unfamiliar to me musicians, as a rule, they leave pleasant impressions. For example, the same situation was with the live-set of three guys from Belgrad which took place at the beginning of this year. I can't even imagine that I could pass through the free downloading of the project titled +++++++++.
1208 is the pure improvisation of the three musicians. I suppose that the title "" of the singular mini-release's track means the time when this track was recorded and I'm absolutely sure that it was recorded at night. Low weightful drone transfers us to the dark spaces of the universe. All our everyday problems and troubles are pushed to the background. We move through the gloomy corridors and during these 25 minutes everything that's important for us is the structure of its sound surfaces - splashes of various chaotic effects, synthesized noise and guitar experiments. Perfect sound trip to the dark drone-spaces.

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