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Aleph-1 - Aleph-1

Aleph-1 - Aleph-1Something new, something like the music which can be endlessly discussed, music of secret sense and original, innovative concept, such music dominates and reigns. The title of the new project of German audio-sculptor Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto) consists of the first letter of Jewish alphabet - Aleph and figure 'one'. In the form of mathematical term introduced by the mathematician Georg Cantor this sign means a number of elements in endless successions. Swedish musical critic Magnus Haglund mentioned the interesting fact that 'Aleph' is also the title of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges's book with short philisophical essays about time's eternity and searching for the whole universe in one concrete place. Maybe that was the reason for naming the album in such a way, maybe there were several reasons, who knows. Nevertheless, it's not so important to know the prehistory of the title, music itself is more important, but such titles always make the listeners think thorougly and analyze.

These records includes 8 sound constructions build up of ubrupt but not sharp rhythmical layers of living acoustic nature. Tracks don't have their starts and endings, they are static and hardly change in the course of time, at the same time music has certain hypnotic effect, it stops time and makes the listener deepen into this very moment of his life. While listening I liked to stare at one place and feel the pulsations of my being in the rhythm of monotonous minimal loops beating complicated rhythmical schemes. By all appearances, eternity starts ruling at the very moment when time stops and loses any sense...

- iDEAL Recordings

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