Dawid Szczesny - Drafts

Dawid Szczesny - DraftsPole Dawid Szczesny belongs to those experimental musicians who have found 'their own sound' or rather certain pivot for strengthening their musical compositions. Dawid masterly uses samples of old vynil and audio cassettes, which coming through digital editing algorithms, form musical landscapes.

The title of the album tells much about the whole release - 'handmade', unobtrusive cover and simple digital tracks' titles, mostly short musical compositions consisting of warm rough sound pieces. The album has its own peculiar features: well-built, slow, a little bit ubrupt click'n'cuts with acoustic instruments, familiar noise of ancient worn-out vynil records.
As a result we have wonderful music for deep thinking and recollections, you listen to it and make your way through time - on the right or on the left: to pleasant moments of the past or to obscure, vague future. Many samples are cycled and create the effect of nutation on slight waves, hissing old sounds bang at the imaginary side of a small boat and make jerky pleasant clicks.
We can endlessly describe the associations indulged by these musical sketches but they will be always joined by warmth and romance.

- Monotype records


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