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Sleepy Town Manufacture - Melanoma

Sleepy Town Manufacture - MelanomaCertain discs can be listened to for about a year or even more, than you can easily forget about them and after some time return to it again. And any time you listen to it you understand that it's worth listening not only for the whole life but for ages.
There is something magnetic in these records, something that attracts constant attention - it's impossible to forget about such discs or to pass by. So it was with the first album of the team Sleepy Town Manufacture (now it's of high collection value), which once got into my arms and is playing in my tape recorder all the time.
Original and kind design by Names harmonize here with the music of STM, the same naive pictures can be found on the disc cover. All tracks' titles are extremely romantic, they say for themselves - "Okna/ Angel Sveta", "Nechto Poteryannoe/ Temnaya Storona Goroda", "Poslednii Son Starogo Robota/ Zvuki Spyachey Industrii", "Vremya Rosy". Evidently, these semifantasies about fantastic future, industrial world or about something very familiar and important for the team depict the inner world of the musicians.
In Melanoma there exists the unique world created on the basis of books and cartoons. It's very illusive and tiny just like the whole album.

- Sleepy Town Manufacture


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