Belong - Colorloss Record

Belong - Colorloss RecordBelong are experts in the field of guitar noise and ambient, this sound is in funny way called 'shoegazing' or 'wall of sound'. Such sound was represented on their previous album October Language (2006, Carpark Records), electric guitars are beyond recognition changed by fuzz- and reverb- effects and corroded by glitch- parasites.
The title of duet Belong's new mini-album is itself very interesting, it means the effect of an ancient photo which in the course of time lost the brightness of colors. Nevertheless these very photos have special importance for us.
EP includes 4 tracks, it's the cover-version of songs recorded in 60-70s by the teams playing psychedelic rock. Little-known teams, whose music was rarely met. One original composition's author is Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd). Cover-version means the reactualization of the initial material on the basis of musician's creative vision; people say that less similarity between the original and remake is better. Belong took old music, thought thorougly what made people love it so much and turned it into new music. Well, they rather payed our attention to the possible variants of its sounding. The result doesn't resemble updating of old records. We listen to rock-concert, but not in a concert-hall but in some utility or underground room. We are lost and forgotten, poor audibility, all songs merge into one sheer echo of fuzzy guitar sound, unintelligible voices and words, drums are covered by some dense sound quilt, nevertheless we really like it.


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