Dzhem - Bublle Grog

Dzhem - Bublle GrogRelease Dzhem - Bublle Grog by labels how2make and dresscode records may be considered as quintessence of russian turntable music. Hear leaders are turntables with vinyl records on them and of course mature hands of musicians/DJs/scratch-masters one of whom is the author of this work - Alexandr "Dzhem" Holenko.

"Bublle Grog appeared at first in the form of sketch on album page like second-rate comics character. But then the story of melancholical and silent character seemed to be so interesting that he became the main hero of comics- epopee" - says

That's easy to guess that this disc is the soundtrack to comics, emotions and feelings of painted 'someone' are unpredictable as well as he himself.
The mood of pseudo-naiive and in some way spontaneous tracks, rarely lasting more than two minutes, always changes from lyrical and drawling sound sketches or dark ambient to energetic explosive compositions with overdriven guitars and drive drum parts. Perfect sketches and warm noise of vinyl - essential part of sound surrounding of Bublle Grog. Like glue, they stick 'bricks' together and create then wonderful experimental hip-hop compositions.
Together with the disc you buy a small book with illustrations for each album track - excellent visual addition to travel through abstract drawn world of comics character.

- how2make


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