Martinez Gonzalez - Dakstins

Martinez Gonzalez - DakstinsAlbum of Latvian musician Martinez Gonzalez is the first release of label Lagunamuch community in 2008. Beforehead this musician has released only one work of full lenght - mini-album Nice that We have Met on Latvian network label Dirty Deal. There is no doubt that those who liked it should obligatory pay attention to his full-length album.
I would describe Dakstins like that: a ride on cabriolet, its passengers wear Hawaiian shirts, drink cocktails and make fun looking through their orange glasses at lights of resort cities passing by. From the very beginning of the disc we meet unobtrusive music full of many-coloured toy melodies and transient airy percussion. Warm dub bass unites everything into general multicoloured stream making you smile and dance. Sometimes melodies made up from sounds of piano, electro-piano or analogue synthesizers on the background of quick monotonous rhythms and bold bass line resemble iridescent fairy stories. In its middle the album becomes more deep and thoughtful, very deep sound composition stimulating serious thoughts.
In this part of the disc it's worth to mark out track "Padomaa" - vague and in some way scary, it's like a ride of our bright car across dark ruins of ghost-city. One more track "Magnetic Waters" - deep downtempo track with beautiful, emotional part of string instruments.
After five anxious and penetrating  tracks everнthing returns to the right places, music gains lightness and airiness presented at the very beginning of the album saving its deepness and space. Relaxing and feeling the closeness of spring and summer warmness, the listener rides on his musical car up to the end of the album.

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