Robert Henke - Layering Buddha

Robert Henke - Layering BuddhaIt's high time to write about this release, I wanted to do it for long. Every time after listening to it I caught myselt at the thought that it would be impossible to pass over it. Well done work in every way: innovative idea, sound concept, technical devices, design - all is scrupulously thought over, perfect, accurate and clear. Genious German engineer-musician Robert Henke as usual surpassed his own previous works (probably his basic project Monolake too) and described new paths for sound-design.

Layering Buddha is the most secret door to real world of art called experimental electronic music. All is simple in this question: the listener either goes deep into music, goes through endless soundscapes or remains above without any possibility to associate the sounds heard with usual word 'music'. But those who experienced the hipnotic multilevelness of Layering Buddha would never be same again. Most likely they will have to become sonic aliens forcing frontier territory and analyzing uninvestigated free country of pure creativity.
All ten parts of Layering Buddha are ten different levels of immersion. The more you listen, the deeper you immerse into fantastic worlds of lakes and underground caves. Dangerous ambient modulations can easily carry the listener away into time stream, all you have to do is to turn off the light as well as your consciousness. Eternal guide into other worlds will appear immediately as soon as you hear "Layer 001". Listen to me...

- Freedownload Layering Buddha Live January 2007


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