William Basinski + Richard Chartier - Untitled 1-3

William Basinski + Richard Chartier - Untitled 1-3Real masters of ambient music, fans of minimalism in their creative work present the re-edition of their nameless album with two new tracks being remastered by Taylor Deupree.

It seems like the authors want to tell us: "Nothing specific. Nothing outstanding. We just do what we like to do". And that is so. It's impossible to discuss all the details, points of buzzing sound picture, taking each sound apart into small pieces or describe changes of mood and skilful composition solutions all the time. There is no detail which could be the key for praising of (or) criticizing the album. No, this music is for immersion, it's for sitting in your chair or on your sofa and staring at one spot watching the emptiness. When you listen to it, all your thoughts become more weighty and important, they don't 'pass by' as usual but scratch on your brain cortex synthesizing your moods.

"Untitled 1" and 2 is the slow travel through silent sound rooms with walls covered with that pressing rough rust depicted on the album's cover. This ambient is not romantic or dreamy, it contains the industrial theme which is so familiar for any modern person, this theme is disclosed subtly and vaguely. After these two long drones we come to "Untitled 3" track (based on the same material, but the author of the first mix is Basinski, the second belongs to Chartier) which was not present in the first release. They change a little bit the picture of general mood adding some sand noise like sound seasoning.
That's a perfect album of peculiar sound designers. Distributed without any recipe.



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