Mapstation - Distance told me things to be said

Mapstation - Distance told me things to be saidOf no doubt, it's one of the most unusual and original releases of Scape records produced this year. Electro-acoustic orchestra of Stefan Schneider (Mapstation from Dusseldorf) keeps testing the capacity of analog synthesizers and observing the birth and further development of new basslines. They supplement the synthesizers with the sounds of instruments alive and put the independent work of machines into one mutual compositional order with efficient structure.
Perhaps Stefan is too sure of his machines' possibilities as all the tracks are based on them. But several instruments, or more exactly, a small orchestra, add up to the feeling of travelling through a toy town while listening to this album.
Two years of sessions in Berlin, Dusseldorf and London passed not in vain for these musicians - they really managed to discover new territories for experiments moving away from standarts characteristic for electronic music. Most probably this album won't become very popular among a wide audience, but those who get into the core of the album will be extremely satisfied.

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- Mapstation


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