Lawrence English - For Varying Degrees of Winter

Lawrence English - For Varying Degrees of WinterAustralian musician and audio-designer Lawrence English - one of the most interesting person in modern experimental music, in particular - in microelectronics and in ambient. Perhaps, we can call him Taylor Deupree on the other side of the Earth, because both of them, besides very similar solo creativity, are the owners of the related under the concept labels - 12k and Room40, which specialize in experimental ambient and sound-design.

As we can see from the name For Varying Degrees of Winter, the basic theme of the music is winter. Probably, many works of the modern microelectronicians can be brought to this theme, because compositions are represented in the certain frozen substance, which breaks up into the smallest particles and emits thin squeak, drones and rustles, which we are ready to listen to attentively with pleasure. But this music is not squeezed and clamped with such popular concept as microwave. Amazing transfer of space, depth and emotion of the whole musical picture, which is transfered by the minimal set of sounds - these are the features which will allocate the given album among the other "frozen" microelectronics. Completely not short tracks reach an infinite ambient-cloth with a thin cold noise. The composition is not static - it constantly varies eventually, making "dry" electronic sounds alive as if the nature whispers them to us from under a thick layer of snow.
As we can see, this Australian musician for years of work in the sphere of audio-design has deduced the unique formulas of sound influence on the human. All the tracks of the album For Varying Degrees of Winter will force you to stiffen and... to listen.

- Baskaru

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