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XIIORA - Horibunopuyar

XIIORA - HoribunopuyarSometimes, looking through endless digital net spaces you notice a surprising thing - someone's small, though absolutely independent project. An interesting project with its own idea and theme is rarely met nowadays, well, such problem always existed on our planet lost in space. You visit the project's page (no matter, whether the author is a musician or a net label) and find something unusual, even odd. It's some kind of deja vu - dream in reality or real life in a dream. Besides, when we speak about sound, it's even harder to find something extraordinary and 'extra-interesting'. Though when found, such a 'catch' will make the 'hunter' happy for a long time. As concerns the net label INQB8R and its new release XIIORA - Horibunopuyar, I can say, it's fantastic! The unknown project produced the net release which became nothing else but the real sound pearl.

Any conception? Idea? - Yeah, and even more! It's the unbelievable dream of a genius musician or a real sound alien coming true. Only 2 tracks with one picture, laconic information about the project, that's all. Nothing else is needed. Could you imagine that 2 tracks can become a full-fledged net release? Paradox but fact. Nowadays even 2 tracks can be more interesting for a listener than 10 or 12 compositions. Who's made it - that's the question. Ritual minimal-techno hypnotic rhythm + voice accompaniment are the only two components of this album. But how geniously it works! (and sounds, of course). Download these two tracks to your player or computer, cycle and listen without a pause as much as you can, it can last eternally... After some 15-20 minutes you understand the things I've wrote in this review. Some years ago Staalplaat would be happy to find and release such an album, nowadays you can download it free and the value of such an album can be understood only by those who does understand. In general, I think, Horibunopuyar is the best variant for morning after-party or for some psychedelic chill-out room (music of mini-disc culture, well, if you understand, what I mean). So listen, analyze and search for something new.



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