V/A - Mus****c

V/A - Mus****cIn the network there appeared a voluminous, maybe even bulky mp3 compilation Mus****c by the Portugese experimental label Cronica. Well, rather weighty stuff to get acquainted with the label, at least with the music of label's artists. While listening to this monstrous compilation I doubted, whether this material had to be released (even free of charge). Can microelectronics be really so boring and uninteresting?

Surprising, but after listening to this album for several times I had the same feeling - extremely boring, dreary and monotonous theme orientation. At least the title of the album suits it well - it's really Mus****c, but not Music. After listening to the works of such kind I understand well, why microelectronic music attracts attention of so few listeners. Perhaps, getting acquainted with such projects, listeners are shocked and don't have much desire to listen to it further. Nevertheless, this release has some hidden pearls - composition by Ran Slavin "Summer Clouds" from his future album and one more theme. Which one? Well, if you are really so interested, try to find it in this megabyte compilation on your own.

- Cronica


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