Kangding Ray - Automne Fold

Kangding Ray - Automne FoldRecently after successful debut on raster-noton label with album Stabil French musician David Letellier made a pleasant surprise for intellectual electronic music's funs. That was his new work named Automne Fold.
David admitted that releasing this new record, chiefs of ratser-noton wanted to broaden, refresh the label's spectrum and they really managed to do it well. Now, listening to the second album of the musician you experiense the same feelings - Kangding Ray associates with this team very well, nevertheless his music is detached in some way. His works are more musical and understandable for a wider audience.

Automne Fold as well as the previous work is all-of-a-piece and organic. It seems that everything is thought over thoroughly including each detail. Each track is like an autonomous organism, but when together they unite into one unique system.
Sound and design of the album became much more gloomy due to synthetically durty sounds of analogue synthesizers, distorted string instruments and urban field records. All this is worn over the skeleton of pulsating, abrupt and very expressive idm-rhythms. One of the innovations in comparison with previous album is vocalism both of the author ("Idle", "World Within Words") and vocalist from Norway Lene Toje ("Protest Song", "Quarante"). I think, such decision may be interesting for many listeners, nevertheless it will be disputable and ambiguous. In any way, this music is worth love of many fans of intellectual electronic music.

- raster-noton


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