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Paul Wirkus + Mapstation - Forest Full Of Drums

Paul Wirkus + Mapstation - Forest Full Of DrumsVery interesting release of the German label Staubgold prepared by two music masters - Stefan Schneider aka Mapstation and Paul Wirkus. There is no doubt, that when such people are going to create something conceptual, the result will be not just interesting but perfect!

The next project was simple - just like everything genius. One day two musicians decided to have a walk through the forest, besides they took drums and sound-recording equipment. "We arrived there as beginners. We had to wait for the right weather, to look for a good spot, to practice patience, to carry the drum kit through the bush and to set it up and start playing and recording. Daylight was all that was needed", - later described the musicians their experience.
These 15 short compositions represented the whole spectrum of feelings of Stefan and Paul (you can find some pictures made while their 'walk through the forest). This music is the synthesis of the sounds of pure and trusting nature and civilization's echo. Drum sounds were perfectly joined by the field records recorded nearby. They turn Forest Full Of Drums into some harmonious stream of drum improvisations of Wirkus and various sound accompaniments of the forest and its inhabitants. These field records were arranged by Schneider so that we feel the mutual understanding between him and nature. These guys have learnt the language of living, pure music...

- Staubgold
- Mapstation
- Paul Wirkus


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