Ando - Habitat

Ando - HabitatFamous musician, audio designer, photographer Taylor Deupree unexpectedly decided to return to the middle of 90s, to the roots of his musical creativity when his music could be characterized as minimal techno. Having chosen on such occasion a new pseudonym Ando, together with label BineMusic, Taylor prepares for release a full-length album, praising beforehead his listeners with four-track EP Habitat.

Taking into account the musician's creative work of the last few years, such a desicion can seem rather surprising for his fans - four monotonous minimal techno tracks pulse hypnotically and tap with flat bass drum traditional for the style. Despite certain straightness characterisitc of the style, Ando manages to concentrate unbeliavable aesthetics and charms in his music. Personally I mark out very deep track "Templ" led by wonderful 'floating' drum section.
To my mind, such release would seem more organic in the form of vinyl record. Such music is more suitable for club but not for home listening.

- BineMusic


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