Kinetix - Gestaltsystem 01 :: Possible Forms

Kinetix - Gestaltsystem 01 :: Possible FormsUnder the pseudonym Kinetix hides Italian genious in the field of experimental microelectronics Gianluca Becuzzi. The musician has his own musical project with its help Gianluca demonstrates his listeners the aesthetics of digital minimalism and he manages to do it very well - each (even network) release is of no doubt worth listening.
Possible Forms is one of three (probably the most important one) parts of audioinstallation of Becuzzi called Gestaltsystem. All of them in different periods of time were released in short editions on the Italian's personal label or in the form of a network release. Two years ago Russian label Monochrome Vision released a totally revised version of this work which has recently fallen into my hands.

Gestaltsystem 01 :: Possible Forms consists of two discs - white and black ones, according to the official press-release it's recommended to listen to them simultaneously. The thing is that both two discs have the same number of tracks (8) with equal duration (5:20), by the way their frequencies are organized in such a way: no matter which tracks you have chosen on white and blacks discs - they will have harmonious sounding together. Just imagine, how many possibilities for experimenting - you can chose 'shuffle' and 'repeat' toggles and listen to the endless and constantly changing stream of micronoise constructions.
It's something irrational, collapse of perfunctory and ordinary things - you penetrate into tiny fibre of pure, distilled sound, observe its movings and transformations. You'll constantly move through wires isolated from the external world until you turn off the album.
Though the white and black albums can be listened to separately as each of them is a quite independent work. The first disc is some kind of atmospheric basis, it includes abstract noises and buzzes without any pulsations and splashes. The sounding of the second album is filled with various rhythmical constructions of simple tonal and noise sounds - hissing, squeaking, digital cracks and pulsations.
Gestaltsystem 01 :: Possible Forms is of no doubt a remarkable edition, which is worth the listeners' attention and admiration.

- Kinetix
- Monochrome Vision


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