Freiband - Replicas

Freiband - ReplicasAlbum Replicas is the symbolic one in the history of Freiband. It's the return to the project's roots at the time when the only its member Frans de Waard, inspired by the work of Asmus Titchens (the German 'played' with defective reel-recorder with unwound tape) decided to create something like that.
Since that time, using the pseudonym, taken from that crucial album of Titchens, Franz releases the music, the material for which are records of other musicians.

For Replicas were taken the tracks of Daseinsverfehlung. Frans took each track from this disc and constructed the new one, using its basic sounds.
As a result, after two years of laborious work Frans released an independent album hardly reminding the original variant. It seems that de Waard sew the basic sounds through tiny framework - from the very beginning of the disc we don't meet any odd scratches of Asmus Titchens's tape. It seems that the silence is the most important component of this music. Peculiar and piercing music... Just through it penetrate abstract noise grains, forming sometimes complicated sound tissues with unique, inimitable structure.
Replicas is like a thriller of high quality - it's gloomy and really terrible, it constantly keeps the listener in suspence also making him feel free to generate his own chain of associations.

- Monochrome Vision


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