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Nicola Ratti - From the Desert Came Saltwater

Nicola Ratti - From the Desert Came SaltwaterFrom the Desert Came Saltwater is the last release of label Anticipate - experimental guitar music of Italian musician Nicola Ratti.
Making the comparison of this work with the first full-value solo album of Prontuario Per Giovani Foglie, we can be sure to hear more abstract and mysterious sound.
Calm, silent, melancholic, but still very expressive Ratti's guitar sometimes loses its central position and the listener may pay attention to warm streams of synthetic rumbling, syncopated percussion, various odd noises and effects, also monotonous voice of Nicola himself.

From the Desert Came Saltwater is a film without words, its plot is smeared and indistinct. Perhaps it's even possible to cycle its playing to get away from startings and endings - in such a case this abstract, melancholic picture will become eternal. It's like slow movements through endless desert space, the sense of this trip is left far behind, obscurity ahead...
In general, it's a very interesting and ambiguous (as well as all experimental music) album of the talented musician.

- Anticipate
- Nicola Ratti


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