Byetone - Death Of A Typographer

Byetone - Death Of A TypographerRecently one of the trustees of label raster-noton and the member of trio Signal Olaf Bender (aka Byetone) supplemeted his dicography by the new album of full value called Death Of A Typographer. This release is proceded by the release of four-track vinyl Plastic Star, plus one track with the same title and three remixes of it. These remixes declared the sound concept of the album - monotonous, lashing bit with rare changing pulses with incredible energy, it charges the listener with energy and makes him move... The mood and sounding of the compositions after the intro and high-speed, drive "Plastic Star" turns into a deep, slow travel, each part of which has restrained, minimalistic image with constant abrupt bit. The main role is played by ceaseless bass drum pulsations.
Here we can hear pauses: the first part "Capture This" is lack of drum section or energetic splashes like in the pushy "Grand Style" consisting of robotized link of abrupt, mostly drum sounds.
The album ends with the track "Heart" with low-frequency, buzzing basis through which we feel measured strokes of our heart. Rather logical ending, final diving inside our soul and treatment of the energy received.
In spite of dominating dance tendency in the composition, Death Of A Typographer doesn't create the impression of 'music for feet', it also includes the aesthetics of microsound cultivated by raster-noton already for many years. However this release is more understandable for a wider audience in comparison with usual releases of this label.

- raster-noton


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