Nikita Golyshev - Solaris

Nikita Golyshev - Solaris'Solaris' is the title of Stanislav Lem's novel (screened by Andrey Tarkovsky) narrating about the research work on a planet, the whole surface of which is covered by the ocean. The ocean is able to think and influence the surrounding world in the way unknown to humanity, it influences particularly those people who come from research station flying high over Solaris.
The reason for calling the album of Russian musician Nikita Golyshev in such a way wasn't explained neither on the album's cover, nor in official press-release. Nevertheless I'll try to draw a parallel between the above-mentioned book and this musical work.

In Solaris Nikita Golyshev prepared experimental ambient hour-program in two parts, it pours on us through acoustic system like some endless, very dense stream. Various light rays penetrate through dark and volumentrical space, this music constantly 'glares' by one or another sound, it's not static like it may seem to an uneducated listener. The first part of the album may be associated with different processes inside the ocean on Solaris - sound streams move through intensive radiation of dense hum like through the endless water masses - high-frequency voices of digital 'cricket' or filaments of pulsing noise with resonant mid frequencies. The second part resembles the return to the station with research workers of Solaris on board. At the beginning the sounding has industrial tinge, neverthless the main picture of the work keeps dominating - low stream sound, very deep and dimentional...
Gradual, slow development makes each new change on the record more meaningful and significant. In the second part of this long track the light is turned on - frequency range of music information notably widens, and we desert from Solaris, fly by the Sun to our small but beautiful planet. Our travel is over, nevertheless it leaves something special inside us...

- Monochrome Vision


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